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Lee Hongki - Confession & Lee Hyun - You are the Best of My Life karaoke+eng sub

I subbed both of this a while ago but never got around to upload and post it at here =(

Seriously, i just love this song. I mean the song itself and Hongki did a very good job to sing this song in front of the original singer!! Both version are just amazing. You guys can watch the original version by Yim Jae-Beum at here. Hongki's voice has definitely improved a lot. Check out the previous version at here where Hongki sang with Seunggi back in 2007 i believe. Seunggi sound better than him at that time but Hongki totally blown me away with this recent perf <33

Lee Hongki - Confession [2011.10.16 Swept bt the Wind at UC Berkeley] (kara+engsub)
*Highly recommended*
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 2.54minutes
Size : 71.3mb
MF or Mirror MF

Translation : delacoix@soompi
Raw : codemonmon@youtube
Kara Template : pyointa2100@youtube

Lee Hyun - You are the Best of My Life MV (kara+engsub)
ft 4minute's Nam Ji Hyun, comedian Jung Juri & 2AM's Changmin
Resolution : 720x420
Duration : 04.43minutes
Size : 40.5mb
MF or Mirror MF

Lyric & Talk Translation : little13@wordpress
Raw : bambimiri@blogspot
Kara template : pyointa2010@youtube

I accidently upload both vid twice at MF lol Anyway,
Comments are loved XD


thank you so much! :D
Taking Hongki. Thank you~ :D
Taking Lee Hyun, thanks for sharing:D
Thank you very much for Hongki~ ^.^
Taking both! Thanks!
thanks for hongki. i love that song. :D
Definitely taking Hongki~ :3 Thank you for sharing~!
taking hongki's performance; thank you so much :).
Thanks! :)
THANK U! taking Hongki's..
i love this dude's voice, didn't know he sang the song before in 2007! thanks for sharing the youtube links too~
and recently i fell in love with Seunggi, how great is that to know both of them sang togt before!
Yup. Me too. I do love both of them together <33
Thank you!