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toda erika

orento in lovemasha

Akanishi Jin - Seasons PV (kara+engsub)

It's beautiful

Akanishi Jin - Seasons PV (kara+engsub).avi
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 4.07minutes
Size : 69.28mb

Translation : jayeanne
Raw : rattchan
Kara-template : Spyne21@youtube
Subbed by me : orento

Comments are loved =)


thanks for sharing~~ it's lovely :D
tahk you so much
for sharing and for your hard work
Thank you very much~ ^-^
grabbing it too! just love this song so much. :))
thank you
thank you ♥
Thank you so much! <333
sankyuuu :3
Thanks ^^
Thank you so much ^^
Thank you for sharing~!
thanks for sharing!^^
thanks you~~
Thank you :)
thank you so much for sharing!! XD
thank you. its a pretty song.
Thank you for sharing! I love the lyrics to this song!
Thank You :)
thank you
oooh~ thank you!
thank you for sharing this file
so taking~ thank you so much :)
Thank you!
Thank for sharing <3
Thank you for sharing!
thanks a lot ^^
thank you so much for sharing
thank you for sharing! love this :))
thank you for sharing <3
Thank you so much!!
took these, thanks...
thank you for this! :)
thanks for sharing :D
I will be taking. thank you so much for this~
thank you very much, ...
downloading now. otsukare same deshta!
I'm 2 years late on this but,

Thank you <3
arigatou :D
thank you for sharing~