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toda erika

orento in lovemasha

Atsushi (EXILE) - Itsuka Kitto, Jamosa - Nanika Hitotsu & One Ok Rock - Kaimu (kara+eng sub)

Loving all these 3 songs and i can't resist to sub them <333

Atsushi (EXILE) - Itsuka Kitto... (Theme song for Hi wa Mata Noboru)
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 4.12minutes
Size : 86.4mb
Download link: MF

Raw: [info]idev2
Translation: mynachan@jpopasia.com
Kara fx: spyne21@youtube
Subbed by: [info]orento

JAMOSA ft. Jay'ed & Wakadanna - Nani ka Hitotsu (Theme song for Misaki Number One!!)
Resolution : 720x406
Duration : 4.31minutes
Size : 45.5mb
Download link: MF

Raw: asianmusichits@wordpress
Translation: theotherice@wordpress
Kara fx: pyointa2010@youtube
Subbed by: [info]orento

One Ok Rock - Kaimu (Live DVD 2010 This is My Budokan)
Resolution : 720x400
Duration : 3.51minutes
Size : 45.9mb
Download link: MF

Raw: [info]shinigamitabris
Translation: Jmusictranslateb@youtube
Kara fx: spyne21@youtube
Subbed by: [info]orento

Comments are loved and enjoy!


OMG, you're awesome!

Thank you so much for the high quality video of ONE OK ROCK's live performance of "Kaimu"!
Thank u very much! Love all three!
Taking Kaimu and Itsuka Kitto (I love this song<3)

Thank you so much!
Thanks! I just wanted Atsushi's video but I took everything :D
Totally d/led OOR's Kaimu! Thanks!!
omg Kaimu is totally one of my favorite songs by them.. snagging that one. THANKS!! :)
Thank you so much. ^_^
Taking ATSUSHI's pv! <333
Thankyou :) taking One ok rock
Thank you soooo much for OOR!
Took Kaimu; thank you so much!
Thank you so much for subbing ONE OK ROCK's live. I really appreciate it! ^^
taking ONE OK ROCK and thank you! :)
Thank you for the OOR one! :D
Thank you for one ok rock video!!!
I cant wait to see it^^
Taking Atsushi, thank you :D
took Kaimu, thanks for your subs!!
Thank you so much <3
Taking JAMOSA's and ONE OK ROCK'S :D
Taking ONE OK ROCK one ~ Thanks a lot for sharing!
Thank you! I took all three :)
i'm so happy and i hope in the future you will sub lots of one ok rock live performance...arigatou! :D
Thank you for sharing ONE OK ROCK!
thanks for the ONE OK ROCK !
thank you very much!!
Do you Konw where can I find the RAW of Nanika hitotsu ?? I like so much tath PV and I'd like to subber in spanish :)
sorry for late reply.. unfortunately i didn't have the raw vid anymore. sorry =/
Thanks a lot for your sharing. I'm a new OOR's fan.