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Apr. 25th, 2011


Happiness Kiss Me & Friends PV + Akanishi Jin - BTR Wonder karaoke sub

Love this girls so i had to sub it ♥
and as a bonus i sub Jin's Wonder at Break The Records (BTR) concert too but i didn't cut out Maru at the beginning before Jin appear..
i miss them =(

Happiness - Kiss Me PV karaoke sub
Resolution : 704x480
Duration : minutes
Size : 52.6mb

Happiness - Friends PV karaoke sub
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : minutes
Size : 157.32mb

[BTR] Akanishi Jin ft Crystal Kay - Wonder karaoke sub
Resolution : 640x360
Duration : minutes
Size : 61.41mb

Raw : jpopdl @ blogspot + idev2 @ lj + jone @ comm
Lyric & Translation : http://www.jpopasia.com + rinchannosekai @ wordpress + Goro_chan
KaraTemplater : ai-chan @ http://forum.aegisub.org

Comments are appreciated♥

Apr. 17th, 2011


FT Island - Satisfaction PV karaoke sub

Second attempt to do karaoke. hope it's turn out well..^^
So about this song, i love it. it's FT island. so of course i will love whatever single they release XD

FT Island - Satisfaction PV karaoke sub
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 04.06 minutes
Size : 63.9mb

Translation taken from LoveKpopsubs @ YouTube.

Comments = ♥
toda erika


Morning Musume - Maji Desuka Ska! PV karaoke sub

First time doing karaoke♥ So, there will be a lot of mistakes..^^
Btw, i love this song and the pv. Cute~!

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Apr. 6th, 2011


Various Ringtone

I'm bored today so i made a few ringtones~

Ai Otsuka - Daisuki da yo (Ringtone) MF
C.N. BLUE - LOVE intro (Ringtone) MF
C.N. BLUE - LOVE chorus 1 (Ringtone) MF
C.N. BLUE - LOVE chorus 2 (Ringtone) MF
CN.BLUE - Intuition chorus 1 (Ringtone) MF
CN.BLUE - Intuition chorus 2 (Ringtone) MF
FT Island - Wing intro (Ringtone) MF
FT Island - Wing chorus (Ringtone) MF
JOO - Bad Guy verse (Ringtone) MF
JOO - Bad Guy chorus (Ringtone) MF
MBLAQ - STAY chorus (Ringtone) MF
Morning Musume - Maji Desu Ka Ska! chorus (ringtone) MF
WISE ft Nishino Kana - By Your Side intro (Ringtone) MF
WISE ft Nishino Kana - By Your Side verse (Ringtone) MF
WISE ft Nishino Kana - By Your Side chorus (Ringtone) MF

Since i love Running Man so much so i made a few ringtones of their background music XD

Sparta (JongKook) MF
-when Commander Jongkook appear to ambush his prey lol
Lutricia McNeal - Perfect Love (Haroro) MF
-when Haha transform into a bad guy XD
Leslie Cheung - To A Better Tomorrow (JaeSuk) MF
-this is the ost of a HongKong movie on which Jaesuk totally adore and he memorize all the lyric eventhough it's in chinese..
Sting - Saint Agnes and the Burning Train (GwangSoo) MF
-when GwangSoo is being bullied by the others

All in .rar ---> MF or Zshare

Comments are loved♥

Mar. 27th, 2011


110318 Music Bank Come Back Stage DBSK - Intro + Before U Go (eng sub)

I totally love this song♥ That's all XD

110318 Music Bank Come Back Stage DBSK - Intro + Before U Go (eng sub)
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 06.19 minutes
Size : 174.37mb

lyric&translation: bOwstitChme + Sharingyoochun.net + dbskalways@wordpress
raw : kbank1004 @ youtube

Comments are loved XD

Mar. 5th, 2011


FT Island Talk + Brand New Days 100718 CDTV (eng)

Happy belated birthday HongKi~
Actually, i'm done with this a while ago but i don't have any confident at all on my translation for the talk part so i didn't want to share it at first. But, i guess if there's anyone out there who can point out any mistakes it would be appreciated. I'm open to any suggestion or criticism. Feel free to download but please remember this is just a rough translation since my japanese is VERY limited and i'm not good at english either...T_T

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Feb. 27th, 2011



Akanishi Jin - Eternal PV (eng sub)

I love this song but this PV is quite boring actually..=(
Never mind. Just enjoy Jin's godness in there♥
Btw, this is not HQ but still watchable XD

Don't you love that hand? kekeke

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Feb. 12th, 2011



Super Junior - No other 100703 MBC Music core (eng sub)

I'm not a BIG fan of Suju but i do LOVE this song so much and this performance is freaking adorable XD
And all the boys are so cute

Aww~ So cute♥

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F.T. Island - Treasure PV (eng sub)

I LOVE this PV. It is full of their cuteness XD
So WATCH if you not yet watch! kekeke
I'm still thinking of what to sub next. Any suggestion?

HongKi is cute as usual XD

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F.T. Island - Friendship PV (eng sub)

This is one of their old song so sorry for the crappy quality as it is the only raw that i can find..T_T
But it is still watchable and fun to watch as the boys are going
crazy XD

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