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orento in lovemasha

Utaban (2008.05.29) V6 Talk (eng sub)

I actually got this done 2 days ago but i cannot upload to MF using my laptop. Stupid laptop. Luckily, my brother didn't use his laptop this morning so i upload using his laptop XD
Now, back to V6. You should watch this if you didn't watch it yet. But why should you watch it?

Because you may know the reason why Nakai calls Okada a pervert XD

and don't forget the "over-excited" Morita XD

and most importantly V6's sex life (but obviously based on Haruna Ai's views) *__* You may know who's the most "dirty", which V6's member most likely to trade porn videos, Okada's fetish, Sakamoto's blushing, bratty Ken and many more with capable MC Nakai, ridiculous Taka and
4 "hot" ladies~
I don't want to give anymore spoiler so i'll stop at here. Go watch it now!

Utaban (2008.05.29) V6 Talk (eng sub)
Resolution : 640x360
Duration : 17.18 minutes
Size : 172.55mb
Password : hentaiV6

Please say a lot of thanks to [info]nagoya_mewmew for translating it at here and a special thanks to toshism


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Thank you so much!!!!
woo~ fast!!
Thank you so much!
yay thank you!! :DDD
Thank you :)
yay! taking an thanks :)
omg sounds so epic! thank you so much!! :DD
Thank you for this! Love it when Haruna-san interacts w/JE boys! LOL!
sound interesting. Thank you~
thanks so much!! will definitely watch it!
thank you so much! cant wait to watch~
Thank you sweetie :D
Thanks so much for your work!
thank you very much!
This looks all sorts of amazing. 8D Thank you!
thank you
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