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toda erika

orento in lovemasha

One Ok Rock - Be The Light PV (kara sub)

Wow.. It's been a year since the last time I post something here. Time really flies so fast. I didn't have much time to sub right now =/ Anyway, loving this song, great song, great voice, etc (as usual from OOR).. Enjoy!

OOR Be The Light

One Ok Rock - Be The Light PV (kara sub)
Resolution : 1280 x 720
Duration : 5.55 minutes
Size : 118mb
Download from MF.

Lyrics © littlesolo
Raw @ ONEOKROCKchannel (youtube)
Kara fx @ pyointa2001
Subbed @ orento


Thank you,,, I wonder where can i get the soft sub ---
May i know why do u want the softsub? Because it has all the karaoke effects so it will not work properly if u play it with raw vid =/
I have the video...and i wish i could just have the soft file XD

.If it troubles you, please dont mind me
I PM'ed you. Sorry for my late reply. I don't think it can work properly because of kara effect but i gave it anyway~
Thank you Angel....
oh i SHALL TELL you that the subs works PERFECTly the effect too >,