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toda erika

orento in lovemasha

Jin Akanishi - Hey What's Up (karaoke + eng sub)


Yeah. It's a really bad sreencap. I know XD

I'm in hurry now so download link as below :-

Jin Akanishi - Hey What's Up (karaoke + eng sub)

credit as tagged in the video


thanks! :3
thanks for ur kind :P
Thank you !
Thank you~!
Thanks for this, I've been constantly listening to this song, love it so much so it's good to be able to sing along.
Thank you XD
thanx for sharing! :)
Thank you so much for this ^^
Thank you!!! *-*
thanx~~~ otsukaresama....
Thank you ♥
yey. been wanting to dl with eng subs. thanx always for your hard work.
thank you so muuuuch! ♥
Thank you so much :)
I've got a question to you.
Do you still has soft english substitles to Jin's pv? Could you please borrow me them? I would like to use it while translating the PV to Polish if you don't mind of course.
Thanks for the hard work! :3
Thank you so very much!!! :)